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How to take care of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are often imported and have been out of water for a while.

So before you arrange them in a vase, you'll need to rehydrate them.

Fill a bath with water, cut the stems at an angle, remove excess leaves and submerge the flowers.

These steps can be repeated around every 4th day, that way you will have the pleasure of hydrangeas for days to weeks on end.

Wash the vase with soap and water to get rid of all bacteria.

Fill the vase with enough fresh, clean water.

Hydrangeas as the name indicates, love water

Rearrange the hydrangeas and enjoy their unique beauty

A big thank you to Alsmeer Flowers @ Multiflora for these beautiful flowers

Cut your stems at a 45 degree angle

Display with your favourite painting

Hydrangeas add a pop of colour in any setting

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